1, 2, 3: From Pack to tree!

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This video will show you how simple it is to light up your tree with the magic of Twinkly: you just need to follow three simple steps!


  1. First, download the app, connect the string to a power source and to your smartphone: to do this, simply select the Twinkly Wi-Fi from the list of the available networks.

NOTE: You can also connect Twinkly to the local Wi-Fi. This way, if your device (or the one of a different family member) automatically connects to the network, you can start playing with Twinkly as soon as you get home).

  1. Now let’s place the lights on your tree. We made a practical guide to support you: just take the smartphone and choose between the 2D option (one side) or the 3D one (the entire tree) and the app will guide you smoothly through the correct setup.

In this video, we placed 105 LEDs on one side (2D) of a 5.9” (180cm) tree.

NOTE: the wizard can also help you place the lights around the tree (3D) or different geometric objects (for example, windows and chimneys).


  • And you’re good to go! Just light up your tree with a click on your smartphone: select a premade effect, change the colors and animations, or create a new one from scratch!