We have created this Wrap-UP installation in order to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Bardin, historical garden based in Treviso, Italy. With a 200sqm lights surface, it is one of the biggest installations carried out with Twinkly.

The over 20.000 lights have been arranged in less than 24 hours, and have been mapped within 2 minutes thanks to our patented computer vision algorithm, drastically breaking down the setup costs.

The peculiar building’s structure has made possible the installation of 80 TwinklyPRO curtains, controlled by 20 TwinklyPRO Ethernet Controllers.

The curtains have been grouped with the horizontal scene grouping mode, in order to obtain a Join group of grand scale and therefore a uniformed behaviour on the entirety of the surface.

All the effects, both existing and custom made, can be managed from the Client’s smartphone, via the Twinkly app, and can be changed with a simple Swipe.

Furthermore, the Twinkly Cloud platform allows full remote control of the entirety of the installation, enabling remote access for effects editing, adding effects, and means of synchronization amongst several buildings and/or installations even with different placement of the lights on each one.

Today we are ready to induce the limits of technology and bring them to installation surfaces three times bigger.

Mapped surface:
No. lights: 20.000
Lights: Curtain Pro – 10 cm lamp spacing
Controller: 20 Twinkly PRO Ethernet Controller
Setup time: 24 h
Mapping time: 2 minutes