Computer vision: one of the main (and revolutionary) features of Twinkly

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This video will show you one of the main features of our strings: it’s called “computer vision”, the license-pending system that represents the greatest innovation of our products.

Thanks to this technology, the Twinkly app connects to your smartphone camera and makes a map of the position of each LED on your tree. This means that it knows exactly where the lights are placed, making you able to control all of them, one by one.


This mapping system gives you the opportunity to:

– create brand new effects never seen before, such as floating flags, vertigos, or diagonal animations;

– draw the animations directly on the screen of your device, turning it into a canvas.


If you want to use this feature you don’t necessarily have to place the string on your tree: the system is designed to map any shape.

You can place the LEDs on walls, windows or any surface you want…you will always be able to apply and create revolutionary colors and effects!