How to connect to Wi-Fi

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This video will show you three basic features of your Twinkly.

1. Direct Connection
2. Wi-Fi Configuration
3. How to reset the settings


1. Direct Connection
Twinkly is built with an integrated Wi-Fi network that can work as an access point and to which you can connect your
smartphone. The network, when you first unbox your Twinkly, is called Twinkly_xxxxxx (you can change its name
whenever you want). You can select it within the list of available networks on your device.

2. Wi-Fi Configuration
Twinkly can be configured to connect to an existing Wi-Fi network, such as your home Wi-Fi router, that you
normally use for your Internet connection. This step is not mandatory but we suggest you do it if you want to make
the best of your string: firstly, you will have a wider coverage and you will be able to use the app from any place in
the house. If your device automatically connects to the network, as soon as you get home you are ready to start
using Twinkly. In addition, when you set this mode you can surf the Internet, access to the Online Gallery and use
advanced features such as Sync and Join!

3. How to reset the settings
The reset brings Twinkly back to factory settings, it could be useful to reconfigure it to a different Wi-Fi network or to
go back to Direct Connection, and you could also need it if you notice that Twinkly doesn't respond to your
commands as expected.