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The Warm White

In 2018 we created the Special Edition String, it comes in 175 and 225 LEDs and respond to customers who desire a more traditional range of colors and finishing of their Twinkly, and it introduce a true Warm White in Twinkly.

Here you can see the difference between, from the left:

  • Frozen White – with a Standard String
  • Deep White – with a Standard String
  • Warm White – with the Special Edition String




The color palette

The main difference between the Standard and the Special Edition is the color of LEDs.
In the Standard Strings, LEDs are RGB. This means you can obtain for each of your LED over 16 millions colors combining Blue, Red and Green lights.

This is the color palette of a Standard String LEDs



In the Special Edition we replaced the green light with a Warm White one.
This is the palette of colors available with a Special Edition string.



The Transparent Lamps

The final effect of a Special Edition string is more traditional, this is due to the presence of the Warm White light but also to the transparent lamps that give a final more traditional polish to all fo the colors.

Here the Special Edition transparent lamps:


Here the Standard String lamps:



At the end, the Special Edition is the perfect choice for those who loves a traditional allure for their Christmas decoration and for those who which to pair them with existent traditional lights.

If you are going to decorate a Christmas tree with Twinkly, please consider that the number of LEDs suggested depends on more factors: first depends on the size of your tree, then on how much of the total surface you want to decorate, and at the end, it depends on your taste!

Please consider these options as a general guideline to a Christmas tree decoration with Twinkly, then adjust the total amount based on your taste.

Decorate a 5 feet tree – 150 cm

For a “Single layer” decoration, only on the front/one half of the tree,  we suggest to purchase 1 * 105 LEDs String.
For  a “360° perfect fit” we suggest to double the number of the LEDs purchasing 2 * 105 LEDs Strings. Or, as an alternative 1 * 225 LEDs String.


Decorate a 6 feet tree – 180 cm

For a “Single layer” decoration, only on the front/one half of the tree, we suggest to purchase 1 * 175 LEDs String.
For  a “360° perfect fit” we suggest to double the number of the LEDs purchasing 2 * 175 LEDs Strings.


Decorate a 7 feet tree – 210 cm

For a “Single layer” decoration, only on the front/one half of the tree, we suggest to purchase 1 * 225 LEDs String.
For  a “360° perfect fit” we suggest to double the number of the LEDs purchasing 2 * 225 LEDs Strings.


Decorate a 9 feet tree – 270 cm

For a “Single layer” (only on the front/one half)  we suggest to purchase 2 * 175 LEDs  Strings.
For  a “360° perfect fit” we suggest to increase the number of the LEDs purchasing 3 * 175 LEDs Strings. 


Happy Decorating!

You can buy Twinkly in the best technology, home automation and garden stores, both online and in your Country.
Discover Twinkly stockists in your Country.

If your Country is not on the list, you could still purchase from an e-commerce that offers international shipping like:

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If your product is connected to the power supply, check if the lights on the controller are on.

  • A continuous green LED on shows your product is ready to be paired with your smartphone.
  • If the Twinkly_XXXXXX list doesn’t come up in the available Wi-Fi lists probably something is causing an interference.
    Please try to move your Twinkly to another room/building and try to exclude or confirm this kind of issue.


To connect Twinkly to a new local Wi-Fi network you should proceed to a reset, then follow the procedure to connect it to the new network.

Here’s a couple of guides that could help:

Reset your Twinkly
Directly connect Twinkly to your Smartphone
Connect Twinkly to a local Wi-Fi network

Yes, but only one Wi-Fi network at a time.

Pre-lit products are pre-assembled products. They are Trees, Wreaths and Garlands pre-assembled with Twinkly lights for perfect illumination and incredible effects.

They’re ready in minutes and link up to form groups, the perfect touch to make your Christmas even more magical.

If you can’t remember what network Twinkly is connected to or you’ve forgotten your access credentials, you have to repeat the connection procedure from the start. To do so, follow the reset procedure  and then the guided procedure for connection to a known Wi-Fi network or follow the instructions on the smartphone App.

Twinkly connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. It can actually create its own network that you can detect on your device.

If you are using Twinkly for the first time, download the Twinkly App AppStore and Google Play Store which will guide you through the procedure and help you get the best out of your smart decoration.

You can also consult this online guide for connecting Twinkly to your smartphone.

When you have linked Twinkly to your smartphone, you can link Twinkly to the local Wi-Fi network, if available, at home or in the office and access advanced functions.

Having problems connecting Twinkly to your smartphone? Check out solutions to the most common problems.

Connecting your Twinkly products to a local Wi-Fi network at home or in the office will give you an
even more incredible experience!

  • You can create groups linking a number of products and you can apply spectacular
    customized effects.
  • Connect Twinkly to other devices like Google Assistant
  • Increase the operating range of the connection with your smartphone and Twinkly
    and use the entire range covered by your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Avoid having to change network every time you want to use Twinkly.