All Twinkly products are IP44 certified, but Generation I Controller is IP20 attested. That means that Gen I can be used only indoors,or otherwise taking special care to ensure that controllers and power supply are placed in a safe location.

Gen 2 lights, instead, are weatherproof and they can resist rain and snow; just pay attention, they can’t be plunged into the water.


Anyway, they should be protected from strong atmospheric agents and drastic changes in temperature/humidity.

Prelit and Home range products are designed for the decoration of home environments, so they are IP20, which means they are for indoor use only.

Twinkly Music is also IP20, so we suggest you pay attention to place it near the sound source inside your home or in a covered place.

IMPORTANT NOTE: always keep the controller and the plug, in a proof place, away from water and snow.
For the most part, can be used outdoors or in a sheltered area. Others can only be used indoors.
Check the icon that describes the type of use supported on the website or your Twinkly product pack:

[Indoor icon] – Product for indoor use only

[Outdoor icon] – Product for indoor and outdoor use (*)

[Patio icon] – Product for outdoor use, sheltered from rain and snow.

(*) please always store the controller and the plug, in a safe place.

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