Twinkly Line Starter Kit can be extended using only one Twinkly Line Extension Kit, to obtain an individual longer strip, ideal for example if you need to enlighten a big surface.

There are two possibilities:

Direct extension: Best for linear layouts. Connect the male and female pins (the two different ends of your Line) of a starter kit strip to the corresponding exits on the extension strip.

Extension cable: Best for curved layouts, thanks to the wire part of the extension cable included in the package, that allows you to adapt to corners and curves,  connecting two LED strips or a starter kit to an Extension Kit. 

Remember that if you don’t need to physically extend your device, but you just want to have different Lines in different locations to reproduce the same effects, in sync or like an individual bigger device, you can just group them like every other Twinkily device, here for the procedure and all the details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Line can be grouped with all the Home Range products using one of the three group modes available, or with other Twinkly devices, using the Area mode.

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