Frequently Asked Questions

How should I place the lights?

As you like. The app will guide you through it. You can choose between a 2D positioning (on a side) or a 3D one (on the entire tree). In addition, the system will let you place the Twinkly anywhere (even on columns, windows, walls) and easily control it.

Where can I buy a Twinkly?

Twinkly is sold in the best stores worldwide. You can also buy it online directly on our website You can choose the product you desire and place the order through the partners located in your country.

Should I place the lights on a single side or on the entire tree?

You are free to choose. Thanks to our technology, the app will help you make the perfect setup on the tree. You will only have to select your Twinkly and start playing with the effects!

Why should I connect Twinkly to my home Wi-Fi network?

Connecting Twinkly to a local network is beneficial on many levels: firstly, you will have a wider coverage and you will be able to use the app from any place in the house. In addition, if your device automatically connects to the network, as soon as you get home you are ready to start using Twinkly.

What do I need to use Twinkly?

You just need and Android or Apple device to download the app.
Twinkly is completely independent and generates its Wi-Fi network that interacts with your smartphone. Moreover, by connecting Twinkly to your home Wi-Fi network, you will be able to access additional features.

What are the differences between the first generation Twinkly and the new 2017 products?

The first generation Twinkly has 100 LEDs, while the new models come with 56, 105 and 175 LEDs.
There are three main differences:
– the first generation Twinkly is indoor only and it’s not IP44 certified
– It doesn’t have the on/off button on the smartphone, but only on the controller hardware
– It also doesn’t have the add-on connector

All the other app functionalities are compatible with the first generation Twinkly, and it’s possibile to connect all the first and second generation products with the grouping feature (Join and Sinc).

How do I make the setup?

Where do you want to place your Twinkly? You are free to choose it: on a tree, on a column, on a window. Thanks to the visual mapping features, after you position the chain, you will be able to control it from the app.
In addition, we made a practical guide to help you place the lights. Just take the smartphone and choose between the 2D option (on one side) or the 3D one (on the entire tree) and the app will guide you smoothly through the correct setup.

Do you necessarily have to place Twinkly on a tree?

There are no limits to your imagination! Thanks to its features Twinkly can be used to decorate any objects, such as columns, cones, windows, doors, walls, …
We designed many functionalities specifically for the Christmas tree, but thanks to the LEDs computer vision technology the app will be able to recognize any shape you make and will let you create your own effects and patterns.

Can you place Twinkly outdoor?

Twinkly is IP44 certified and thus it’s rain resistant.

What is the “group” feature?

The “group” feature allows you to connect more than one Twinkly.
There are two types of “groups”:

  • Group sync: it synchronizes more than one Twinkly applying the same effect on each of them (this is ideal for those of you who have more than one objects and want them to perform the same effect at the same time). This feature clones the effect of the first Twinkly to the others, and that’s why we suggest you use it for similar and same-length-Twinkly sets. The system is tested to sync up to 5 Twinkly.
  • Group join: this feature generates one Twinkly out of a some of them. This means you will see one single effect running through all of them. You can put together two different Twinkly (for example, one 105 LEDs Twinkly and one 175 LEDs Twinkly) or more than one (for example, three 175 LEDs Twinkly).
What if I want more light on my tree?

There are two ways of adding LEDs:

  • Connecting an add-on to your Twinkly.
  • Connecting more than one Twinkly starter set with the Group feature (for example, three 175 LEDs Twinkly to make a single 525 LEDs string).
Which is the ideal Twinkly set for my tree?

Twinkly is brighter than any other traditional light chain: thanks to its unique features you can place less lights on the tree compared to what you were used to do. We wrote this article to help you make a choice easily: LINK

What is the difference between making a join group and using an add-on string?

We recommend the add-ons to those of you who need to add some effects to a string and/or are on a budget (the add-ons, since they don’t include the starter set, are less expensive).
However, the join features is more performing and scalable and lets you connect more than one 175 LEDs Twinkly in a single string.

What is the difference between the starter set e the add-ons?

The “Twinkly starter set” is the complete set that contains the light chain and the controller that manages the lights and interacts with the app.
The add-ons are led chains that you can add to the starter set.
Each starter set can be connected to a single add-on only.
The 56 and 105 LEDs starter set are compatible with add-ons.

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