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Decorate your space with light like never before

Decorative lights for every important day in your life. From Christmas to Halloween, from Valentine's day to Summer parties, Twinkly lights can be dressed up and colored to match your decor..

The best Christmas decorations. Ever.

From your tree to your room, Twinkly looks incredible in your home. Every year we give you the best experience when Santa comes to town.

The Twinkly App can map the exact position of each LED bulb in the 3D space, letting you wrap any shape you want with light, and apply amazing effects with pixel-perfect precision.

Create the perfect gaming room.


All Twinkly devices work seamlessly with Razer Chroma™ RGB to take you right into the gaming action.

Setting up your Twinkly lights to work with Razer Chroma™ RGB is super simple. After decorating your gaming room with Twinkly lights, download the Razer Synapse 3 and Twinkly Chroma Connector to kickstart your setup.


Paint your home with color and light


Paint your home with color and light to help you focus, chill out, or set the mood for your most creative moments. All Twinkly products can be grouped together using the App, so you can have a color combination or effect reproduced all around your space.

Twinkly lights can be used in unlimited ways to create decorative illumination in your space. Once you’ve mapped your devices, you can play effects according to your custom layout. But what’s more, you can combine different products together and make them act like one giant object.

Sync your lights with Music


It is a revolutionary technology ready to give color and shape to the sound.

Twinkly Music’s cutting-edge algorithms decode any sound source in real-time, whether it’s classical Christmas songs or ultimate techno music, to identify relevant musical elements and make the effects come alive into a combined audio-visual experience.


Get inspired by color


Red, Green, Blue
16 million colors


amber & white

Amber, Warm White, Cold White
Elegant metallic hues


multicolor + white

Red, Green, Blue, Warm white
16 million colors + warm white channel


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