Join e Sync: make multiple Twinklies work together

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The 2017 product comes with a great feature: it’s called “Grouping” and allows you to make multiple Twinklies work together.


There are two kinds of groups:

  • Join: this feature generates one Twinkly out of a some of them. It means you will see one single effect running through all of them. This is ideal if you have a big tree and you want to cover it with Twinkly lights. You can put together two different Twinkly (for example, one 105 LEDs Twinkly and one 175 LEDs Twinkly) or more than one (for example, three 175 LEDs Twinkly).
  • Sync: it synchronizes more than one Twinkly applying the same effect on each of them. This is ideal if you have different objects (trees and other decorations) with different Twinklies and you want them to be coordinated together, working in sync. This feature clones the effect of the first Twinkly to the others, and that’s why we suggest you use it for similar and same-length-Twinkly sets. The system is tested to sync up to 5 Twinkly.


Watch the video and find out how it works!