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The devices menu collects information about the connected Twinkly. In the menu, appear both the single devices and groups, identified by an icon and status indicator.

From this menu, you can create new groups, delete an existing device or add a new one.

Device details 

Select a device and tap on the “gear” icon on the right.
You will access the screen where all the device details are listed.

  • Name – You can change the name of your Twinkly.
  • Number of active LEDs – Number of active LEDs. (1)
  • Model – The model name
  • Type of LED – The colur profile of the device LEDs.
  • MAC Address – The MAC address of the device.
  • Firmware – The version of the Firmware installed – An icon indicates that an update is available, tap on the button “update firmware” if present to launch the update. Once launched please wait the reboot, do not touch anything.
  • IP Address – The IP address of the device.
  • Last discovered – The method used by the app to locate the device.
  • Network – Here appears the name of the local Wi-Fi network to which the device is connected.


(1) This menu can be helpful for those who need to setup the total number of LED they own: Strings or Festoons Starter kit and Add-ons, Pre lit owners.

(2) Twinkly PRO users can find here the list of ports available and set the proper number of lights per port. (only on iOS devices).

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