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If you want to create and manage a larger group of Twinkly products, these pieces of information can be useful for you!

Dedicated router
Twinkly groups to run properly, need continuous communication between the router and among each other. This means that a crowded domestic router can’t manage the communication properly. This is why we suggest connecting them to a dedicated router.

Even without access to the internet, a dedicated router can easily support up to 4000 LEDs you can manage right from your palm.

Rename Twinkly
In the case of numerous devices, we suggest renaming each device so you can easily recognize the one on which you are taking action.

Map them individually then create a scene group
If you purchased more than one Twinkly you are probably decorating a wider scene. In this case, switch all the twinkly off from the app, then switch on one and map on Twinkly at the time and tile them together in a scene group.

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