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If you are installing a string of lights, this process allows the application to locate the LEDs in the room and map them. In this way you will create a CUSTOM LAYOUT and you will be able to apply the most advanced effects to your Smart Decoration.

If you are installing a Pre-Lit tree the mapping will allow you to apply the most beautiful effects designed specifically for this product.

This step is recommended but not necessary if you are installing a Wall / Curtain / Icicle. This operation is not possible on objects such as reindeer with snowman, wreath and garland.


Start-up and Selection of the type of mapping

Access the “Layout” menu and accept the permission required by the application to access your smartphone’s camera. 

Choose the type of mapping you want to do.

Some options may  depend on the device you are using  and  on the status of your device (online/offline)


  •  2D Mapping

This type of mapping is recommended for installations where the lights are predominantly on a single floor.
The algorithm will automatically identify the position of the LEDs located on the sides and back of the holder, estimating their position.

Start the mapping by clicking on “Mapping” and select “2D Mapping”: the LEDs will start flashing quickly and the magic begins!
The mapping will end when the LEDs stop on a fixed colour. It will be possible to save or repeat the operation.
In case of poor results, a pop up will indicate the “Poor results” condition and it will be possible to repeat the operation.

  • 3D Mapping (front-back)

This innovative method of mapping LEDs allows you to scan the different sections of your installation an unlimited number of times, for a perfect, 360 ° rendering.

During the mapping process the LEDS will appear on 3 different colors, based on their status:

  • RED: when they do not yet have spatial coordinates.
  • ORANGE: when the LEDs are recognized for the first time by the camera (xy coordinates)
  • YELLOW: when the LED’s are recognized for 2 time by the camera.
  • GREEN: when the LEDs are recognized 360 ° and in a three-dimensional way (depth coordinate)

When all the LEDs are green, it means that the mapping has taken place for the entire installation.




Congrats! Your lights have been mapped and the app will show you your Layout.
You can choose to keep it or try again!

Prelit Mapping
Pre lit trees have, as unique default choice an enhanced 3D mapping, that can map the lights in one single pass.
Please follow the above instruction given for 2D mapping.


Important notes

If the camera doesn’t work, please verify that you gave the permission to the app to access your camera.
You can map an entire Join group.
If you want to map a scene, or a sync group we suggest to map each device individually, prior to You can map each device

Here you can find a useful tutorial:

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