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Like Twinkly has effects, Twinkly Music has drivers. 

A driver includes an effect and a special algorithm to give a unique shape to the sound. Choose a driver that best suits your mood, your music, and your Twinkly lights!

You can select the drivers via the Remote Control Menu.

  • Driver Description

Each driver recreates a different effect on Twinkly Leds and it is important to deeply know all the drivers in order to choose the one that best suits your soundtrack to the rhythm of which you want to synchronize your lights.

Vu meter: Make your lights become a super colorful VU meter! Let them move with your favorite song – or with your own voice!

BPM Hue:You can definitely see the rhythm with this driver! All your lights follow the beat of any song – or even just clapping your hands – with vivid and beautiful colors.

Psychedelica: Really fill the room with this beautiful driver! All your lights will flash to beat and dance to all the intricacies of your music with psychedelic colors.

Red Vertigo : Get in the holiday spirit with this red and white themed driver that will bounce along to your music!

Dancing Bands: Enjoy all the power of Twinkly Music with this happy driver as colorful lines dance  to the rhythm of your sound!

Diamond Swirl: Be amazed as diamonds dance, distort and change size right along with your music!

Joyful Stripes: Really fill the room with this beautiful driver! All your lights will flash to beat and dance to all the elements of your music with psychedelic color stripes!

Angel Fade: The colors really pop with this driver before slowly fading away!

Clockwork: Time will seem to fly by with this driver which combines vivid color changes with rhythm based movement!

Sipario: Draw back the curtains on this driver  which sweeps across your led space with the rhythm of music!

Sunset: Get in rhythm with the sun’s rays as they peek over the horizon in sync with your music!


  • Driver Summary Table

Below there is a summary table with the main characteristics of the 12 drivers available.


Driver Name Mapping need? Beat dependent? High LEDs? Gen 1 equivalent?
VU meter E 1 2 Yes
Beat Hue No 3 1 Yes
Psychedelica E 2.5 2 Yes
Red Vertigo Yes 1 2 No
Dancing Bands Yes 3 2 No
Diamond Swirl Yes 2 3 No
Joyful Stripes E 2 2 No
Elevator E 1 2 Yes
Angel Fade E 3 1 No
Clockwork Yes 3 2 No
Sipario Yes 3 2 No
Sunset Yes 2 3 No



Mapping needed?

  • No = No mapping required
  • E = mapping is not required but recommended for an enhanced experience.
  • Yes = Comment: Mapping required.


Beat dependent?

  • 1 = Perfect for any type of music or live song. 
  • 2 = Recommended for songs with a rhythmic section but can fit all types of music.
  • 3 = beat/rhythmic section required, best with songs that have a strong rhythmic section like dance or pop music, or rock, really anything with drums or some sort of rhythm track]


High number of LEDs needed?

  • 1 = Number of leds does not matter, it works great with any number of lights.
  • 2 = Will look better with more leds, but not necessary

3 = Needs a high number of LEDs (Recommend 250 or more LEDs.)


Gen 1 equivalent

  • Drivers for Gen 1 products (The same drivers appears on Gen 2 devices when you group together Gen 1 and Gen 2 devices)
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