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Create your Playlist

If you want to run multiple effects on your Twinkly lights, but you prefer to choose them instead of having a default selection like in the Carousel, you can now create a Playlist, by choosing the effects from the gallery, both labels All and Favorites.

Playlist, opposite to Carousel, can be used also on groups and it’s available only for Gen II devices.


From the Gallery page, choose on the right the label Playlist

Start creating a playlist by pressing the edit button, on the bottom left corner of the screen.


Now you can see the function Add Effect, and clicking on it, you go directly to the gallery to choose the effects, you want to play on your Playlist.


Tap on the effect’s icon, and you’re back on your playlist screen, where you can go on adding more effects.

When you have all the effects you want for your playlist, you can modify your Playlist



Pressing the Edit button on your Playlist page, you’ll be able, not only to add effects, but also to modify the sequence and customize the amount of time every effect should run.

To move the effects, choosing the order you wish them to be played, you just need to hold still the 3-lined-symbol on the right side of the effect’s name, and move it upside down to change its position.

To customize the duration instead, you have to tap on the timer button on the left of the moving function, and select the timeframe you prefer.


Once you’re done, just tap on the Apply button, and the app will save the Playlist in some seconds.



To interrupt your Playlist, just tap on the Stop button on the bottom right corner of your screen, that will transform in Play to restart it.

Please consider that, if you’re going to choose to run a single effect, your Playlist will be automatically erased, as advertised in the pop up on the screen you can see below.


If you want to erase all the effects stored in your memory, you can do it by easily selecting the voice “erase device effects”, in the setting menu.

On the home screen, tap on the three lines icon on the left upper corner, and then on the voice Settings.

Once there, you will find the option Erase device effects.

This function will delete all the customized effects, allowing your controller memory to be free, and this can be really helpful if you’re having memory problems when creating a playlist.


Here you can find an useful tutorial: