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I can’t apply/download the effect, any help?

If you have trouble applying or saving effects, some simple tips may help.

  • Scenario 1 => I can’t download effects: Be sure to be connected to the internet (Twinkly direct connection creates a network for your device to communicate, but doesn’t provide internet connection)
  • Scenario 2 => I can’t apply effects: check your connection status, and be sure to be close enough to your router so that the app can easily communicate with your device.

Also remember that to apply the effect you have to tap on the related button, otherwise if you leave the preview mode too early, it won’t be saved!

Moreover, check that the Twinkly App is not open in background on more than one phone.

If this doesn’t help, please contact us using the HELP icon on this page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This process is available for all generation I and II devices like Strings, Curtain, Icicle , Cluster, Prelit, Festoon and Home Range devices (Line, Flex)