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What is the Effects Gallery?

The Effects Gallery is the main repository of all your effects.
Here, depending on the device you own, you will find all the pre-loaded effects that you can immediately apply, save as favorites or edit.
You can also find your personal downloaded effects and the ones you created!
Finally, tapping on the Favourite folder, you will find the collection of the effects you flagged as you love more!

The Gallery has a different layout depending on the type of device configured (in the picture you can see the differences between string and linear devices, Festoon, Line, Flex ).

The gallery changes according to the selected device or group, presenting the default or customized layout.
The referred device always appears at the top.

If you have configured more than one Twinkly, tap the arrow icon next to the device name, you will see a drop-down menu that allows you to view the list of all available devices and switch between them.

Difference beetween strings and linear devices (Line, Flex; Festoon)
Difference beetween strings and linear devices (Line, Flex; Festoon)

Select one of the effects to see the full screen layout and see the effect in action live on your Twinkly. This is called preview mode.
The app stream the content to the controller.

Tap on the music icon to Music Sync the effect. Music Sync work only in preview mode.
Follow the dedicated guide on How to Music Sync Twinkly effects.

You can customize an existing effect clic on Edit button.

Once applied you can leave and the room, your Twinkly tree will play the same effect in loop!