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Twinkly Account and App Settings

Create a Twinkly Account is required in order to better manage possible case of assistance, furthermore it is necessary to use Twinkly with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

To use the app you need to create an account, associating it with your email account , with your Facebook profile or with your Apple ID.

Through the app you can download new effects from the store, edit them, create your own and also create a layout of your installation.

But be careful: if you log out of your Twinkly app or if you uninstall it, all personal effects will be lost.

A Twinkly Account collects different types of information about your profile and your devices.
All the personal information are subjected to our Privacy Policies, see here the complete Privacy Policy document. 

  • Personal information
  • Information about your Twinkly such as: Mac id, Firmware version, Model, Active LEDs. 
  • Personal Settings of your Twinkly such as:  Layout and Personal Effects. 

If you log in with your Twinkly Account credentials on another smartphone or tablet the information listed above will still be available. The following information are stored on your Smartphone:

  • Personal effects: the effects you create on your Twinkly app 
  • Personal layouts: the result of your mapping procedure

If you Log in with your Twinkly Account credentials on another smartphone or tablet these informations will be not shared / will be not available.