Meet Twinkly Line

App-controlled LED light strip

Twinkly Line is a self-adhesive + magnetic, slim, smart LED light strip perfect for bringing color and endless moods to any rooms in your home. With an all-black finish, bright and colorful LEDs, and the smallest cross-section profile on the market, Twinkly Line is a cool – yet discrete – decorative lighting device.

Like all Twinkly products, Line can be mapped and every single LED can be controlled individually, allowing you to create and reproduce unique effects, gradients, and color animations – Line becomes your screen.

Magic is in the App

 The Twinkly App enables you to make your Line unique, thanks to a wide range of pre-made effects and animations, as well as the ability to create your own from scratch. All effects are completely customizable: brightness, speed, intensity, and color can all be modified with a single tap, providing you with unlimited possibilities to create the perfect lighting decoration.

Line can be grouped together with other Twinkly devices to create larger, synchronized light installations

How to install

Lay down

You can either stick your Line using the self-adhesive back, or magnetically attach it onto metallic surfaces.

Map Lights

Get your layout right by mapping Line with your smartphone camera on the Twinkly App.

Play Effects

Play amazing effects from gallery or create your own inside the App.

Extend to double

There is more to it

You can use Line Extension Kit to add more length to your decoration. It’s really as simple as connecting it to your Line Starter Kit.

Note: The Extension Kit doesn’t come with a power cable or a controller. It is meant to be used only with Line Starter Kit.

How Twinkly works

control via app

Control your Line with the beautifully-made, easy-to-use Twinkly app.


Play never-seen-before, complex effects effortlessly, unlocking 3D possibilities, or design your own.

Dance to the beat

Make your Line dance in sync with music using the optional Twinkly Music microphone.

group them together

Virtually combine multiple Twinkly devices to turn multiple decorations into one beautiful installation

Technical Specifications

Year’s model 2021, Generation II
Indoor/outdoor IP20 (indoor only)
Controller features Bluetooth, WI-Fi
Color profile RGB — Red, Green, Blue (+16 million colors)
Lighted length 1.5m / 5ft
Lead length 2m / 6.5ft
Electric wire Black wire
Adapter input V 110V - US | 240V - EU/UK max 50/60Hz
Adapter output V 15W (5V ⎓ 3A)
Warranty 1 year
Long life span Over 30000 hours
Pack dimensions (20x18x5) cm / (7.87x7.09x1.9)’’
Package includes 1 strip+controller, 1 adapter, 1 quick guide

Twinkly lights are awesome and your company is awesome. I look forward to buying more and more over the coming years. I tell everyone I know about these lights and share videos with them. They are amazed and incredulous. Thank you for bringing joy to the world with your amazing products.

- Nathan, to Twinkly Support

You guys took care of me. I am very grateful for your help.
You have made a lifetime customer out of me and I will be sharing your products with everyone I can. Thank you again for all your time and attention to my issue. You are truly doing awesome at giving your customers what they want.

- Adam T., to Twinkly Support

thank you SOOOOOOO much for helping me out! I have been a big fan of Twinkly since day 1! This just makes me love you all even more! Have a great day and stay safe, stay happy!

- Armand, to Twinkly Support

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