Enrich your gaming experience.

Seamlessly Perfect.

Your smoothest gaming experience ever is waiting for you.
Combining Twinkly's revolutionary technology with OMEN's next-level lighting studio, experience gaming like you never have before.

OMEN Light Studio

This application allows users to connect the entire range of Twinkly products to OMEN Gaming Hub and synchronize them with external RGB-supported devices and peripherals.

Customize and control all your gaming PC RGB lighting in one place with 16+ million colors to enhance both your experience and your gameplay.


How does it work?

Setting up your Twinkly lights to work with OMEN Light Studio is very easy.
After decorating your gaming room with Twinkly lights, download the OMEN Light Studio application and connect your Twinkly account to kickstart your setup.


Start OMEN Light Studio, choose Twinkly amongst the supported services and log into your Twinkly account


Select which devices and/or groups from the Twinkly App you want to bring into OMEN Light Studio, this will import your mapped layouts as well


Place your imported devices in space and play with different lighting effects. Enjoy your new
enhanced gaming experience

Superior control on lighting setup

Bring mapped layouts from Twinkly to OMEN

With Omen Light Studio, you can truly make Twinkly devices an inherent part of your gaming ecosystem; as it does not just detect and connect with all Twinkly devices, but also utilizes the mapped layout from Twinkly technology.

This brings out the best of your Twinkly lights and enhances your gaming space unlike any other!

Ready for your new gaming experience with twinkly?

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