Twinkly comes in many shapes & sizes

Twinkly comes in many shapes & sizes


The original product. This is where it all began, Just decorate your space/object however you like and map the lights with the twinkly app. Voila!


Twinkly, but in a grid. Easy to decorate. Perfect to liven up a dull wall or a dark window.

pre-lit tree

Don’t wany to bother decorating your Christmas tree? Well, get a predecorated one, with Twinkly lights on it. What more can one ask for?

pre-lit decor

Other decorative elements for festivities, like a garland, or a wreath, pre-decorated with twinkly lights.

pre-lit figures

Want your Christmas decoration to have some extra pizzazz? Here are the Christmas special reindeer and snow man figures with Twinkly for your lawn/porch.

Festoon Lights

String of white bulbs. All app controlled. Perfect for a gazebo, shack or your kid’s bedsheet castle.

  • twinkly app

    One app to control them all! Download Twinkly app to control any of the twinkly devices, with more coming in near future. You can manage multiple devices at once with this app.