light tree

A tree, without the tree

What if you had the biggest Christmas tree in the neighborhood? Twinkly's light tree is available in different heights, up to 1000 LEDs of pure Twinkly technology – nothing else.

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Bold in size and color

Twinkly Light Tree is not the star of the show – it is the show.
A cone of light that can light up even the darkest Winter nights with its brilliant RGB + White LEDs.

Your very own lighting show

Connect your Twinkly Light Tree with any other Twinkly products in or around your house to create unique lighting shows. Sync effects and animations to all your devices and bring the magic of the Holidays to everyone around you.

Design your own effects

Use the exclusive FX Wizard to design your own, multi layerd effects from scratch. Make your light installation truly unique.

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Twinkly in action

Get inspired – See how the community is using Twinkly in their homes to create the most amazing decorations.

Light Tree Special Edition 3m/9.8ft

RGB+W, Generation II

Available versions

300 LEDs 450 LEDs 750 LEDs 1000 LEDs

Available color range

Multicolor + White RGBW

Want to have a fabulous light show of a Christmas tree but doubtful about the tree itself? Twinkly Light Tree is here to bring your outdoor decors into the spotlight. Easy to install, easy to store; and best of all, runs on Twinkly technology with 4 channel RGB + Warm White LEDs.

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Product details

Year’s model 2021, Generation II
Indoor/outdoor IP44
Controller features Bluetooth, WI-Fi
Num. of lamps 450
Lamp lens type Clear + Diffused flat lens
Lamp diameter 5mm / 0.20 in
Lamp spacing 8 cm / 3,15 in
Led RGB+W – Red, Green, Blue + Warm White
Electric wire Black wire
Lead length 2,5 m / 98,425 in
Lighted length
Adater input V 110-240Vac 50/60Hz
Adapter output V 36 W
Warranty 1 year
Long life span Over 30000 hours
Pack dimension (20x18x8,5) cm / (7,87x7,09x3,35)’’
Package includes 1 string+controller, 1 adapter, 1 quick guide

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