App-controlled Christmas Lights

Twinkly combines bright, colourful RGB LEDs and a state-of-the-art smartphone application to perform amazing animations easily and quickly.

The best Christmas decorations. Ever.

From your tree to your room, Twinkly looks incredible in your home.
Every year we give you the best experience when Santa comes to town.

control via app

Control all your decorations with a single beautifully made, easy to use Twinkly mobile app.


Play complex effects never before possible with ease, unlocking 3D possibilities

Sync with music

Make all your decorations dance to the rhythm of your music with amazing synchro capabilities

group them together

Virtually combine multiple Twinkly lights to turn multiple decorations into one beautiful installation

How does it work?

Put up your lights and decorations the way you want. The most amazing decorations are now at hand.
You will never imagine how easy it is!


Without caring for any specific positioning of bulbs; close your eyes and put them over

Map Lights

Get your layout just using smartphone camera and Twinkly mobile App

Play Effects

Apply amazing effects from gallery or create your own just using the mobile App and few gestures

How to set up?

Strings Multicolor RGB

RGB, Generation II

Available versions

100 LEDs 250 LEDs 400 LEDs 600 LEDs

Available color range

Multicolor RGB Multicolor + White RGBW Amber & White AWW

Twinkly strings is the revolutionary LED light string that brings the most advanced technology to your home decoration. The RGB colors are highlighted by the special finish of the Twinkly lens: matt and flat, giving a uniform diffusion of the chromatic components without altering the expressive power.


Technical Specifications

Year’s model 2019, Generation II
Indoor/outdoor IP44
Controller features Bluetooth, WI-Fi
No. of lamps 100, 250, 400. 600
Lamp lens type Diffuse flat
Lamp diameter 4,3 mm / 0,17 in
Lamp spacing 8 cm / 3,15 in
Lead length 2,5 m / 98,425 in
Adapter input V 120V - US | 240V - EU/UK max 50/60Hz
Adapter output V 24 V (1.0A)
Warranty 1 year
Long life span Over 30000 hours
Electric wire Black wire
Pack dimensions (20x18x8,5) cm / (7,87x7,09x3,35)’’
Package includes 1 string+controller, 1 adapter, 1 quick guide

The Wi-Fi–enabled Twinkly Generation II Smart LED String Lights are the most robust and versatile Christmas lights we’ve ever tested.

- Doug Mahoney, NY Times

the first Chroma RGB lighting compatible Christmas lights for a truly 1337 holiday season—I can't believe I just said that.

- Jacob Ridley, PC Gamer

Twinkly lights are awesome and your company is awesome. I look forward to buying more and more over the coming years. I tell everyone I know about these lights and share videos with them. They are amazed and incredulous. Thank you for bringing joy to the world with your amazing products.

- Nathan, to Twinkly Support

You guys took care of me. I am very grateful for your help.
You have made a lifetime customer out of me and I will be sharing your products with everyone I can. Thank you again for all your time and attention to my issue. You are truly doing awesome at giving your customers what they want.

- Adam T., to Twinkly Support

thank you SOOOOOOO much for helping me out! I have been a big fan of Twinkly since day 1! This just makes me love you all even more! Have a great day and stay safe, stay happy!

- Armand, to Twinkly Support

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