Check our video tutorials learn best practices from those simple steps


Create a new static effect

Follow these simple steps to create a new static effect.


Create loop effect

Here you can learn how to make an animated effect that will repeat itself in a loop.


How to create a custom color palette

Customize effects colors in your very personal color palette to match your decoration style this year!


Create a Favourites list of effects

Watch how to select and create a list of favourites effects.


Browse to the Device Details page

This page can be useful to Update your firmware and check the status of your wifi connection.
For some product here you can configurate your active LEDs number.

From this page is possibile to rename the device to make it easier to identify.


Twinkly Generation 1 – First time use

Generation 1 First time setup step by step: Wi-fi connection, mapping and  setup.


How to Reset Twinkly

How to Reset your Twinkly


Twinkly Generation 2 – First time use

Generation 2 First time setup step by step: Wi-fi connection via Bluetooth, mapping and  setup.


Download effect from effect store

Here’s how to download and apply new effects from the Twinkly Effect Store into the app.