Twinkly instructions for Halloween

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As we told you already, Twinkly is and extraordinary product. Its smart, tech and perfect for decorating not just your Christmas Tree but every other special place in your house, from that wall near the fireplace, to your favorite table or bookshelf.

Have you bought one of our products yet? Then you’re lucky! Halloween is finally here so we’ve decided to create a list of things you can use Twinkly for on the 31st of October.


The little Wall of horrors

So, you’re Halloween addicted and have dedicated a small space in your home for wicked pumpkins, bats, skeletons and a big steaming cauldron? You just might need our Wall to make it that little more special and colored. Hang it up and use it as that orange backdrop your pumpkins deserve. Thanks to the Twinkly App, you’ll now have the chance to create all those monstrous effect you’ve been waiting for!   


Neighbor Envy (not yours, theirs)

Embellish your home and that precious garden (they also works wonders on balconies and terraces!) with our LED Strings and let that Halloween orange shine bright! Can you imagine the face of your neighbor? Yes, the one who was teasing you last year…     


Challenge your friends to a design contest with the App

You’ve invited your friends to a Halloween themed party, with all the right horror movies and plenty of candy? After the movies are over, why not challenge your friends to a design contest? Tell them to download the Twinkly App and enjoy discovering the most terrifying of all patterns. Let the challenge begin!       


Forget Halloween! Give me Christmas

Come on, admit it! You’re not the Halloween type and if you’ve bought Twinkly it’s because, let’s face it, it’s Christmas you’re really quite fond of. So, what are you waiting for? There’s only one month left until December…

Start by unpacking the Pre-illuminated Tree and enjoy!