Twinkly Music 2.0

The magic word is "Music"

Meet Twinkly’s revolutionary music sync technology. Connect your lights to the Twinkly Music USB microphone and give color and shape to any music you are playing.

What’s more, in Twinkly Music 2.0 you have – 6 moods to choose from, 80 new incredible effects for both mapped and linear devices, auto effect switch based on the music you play, silence detection… And so much more!

What's new in 2.0

The music update is on the software side.
Means if you already own a Twinkly Music dongle,
you can use all these features as well.
Just update your app and dongle firmware
and enjoy music 2.0!

6 moods

Going to host a dance party? Or a zen inducing yoga session? Pick the right mood and let the lights add magic to the ambiance.

80+ effects

Music 2.0 comes with more than 80 effects, all tuned to groove perfectly with your music.

auto-switch effect

Same effect with constantly changing music can be boring. So now, effects will change automatically, in sync with your mood.

supports 2D & 1D

The new Twinkly music runs beautiful effects on complex 2D installations as well as simple 1D light setups.

Silence detection

Now the Twinkly Music will be able to detect if the music is off, and will start playing effects normally.

New UI

A fresh new user interface to make the use of Twinkly Music simpler and more efficient.

How it works:

Twinkly Music is really easy to use and optimized to work with GEN II products.
It's as simple as 1-2-3. Just follow these quick steps and you are good to go!

Plug in Twinkly Music

Plug in the dongle close
to a sound source. USB is just for
powering the device.


Set it up on the Twinkly App. Make
sure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi
as your Twinkly lights.

Explore Twinkly Music

Choose a music driver from the
app. These are effects that dance to
the beat of your music.

Let the Beat go!

Twinkly Music is a USB-powered microphone
that features a super-accurate BPM detector
to make your lights move and dance in sync
with any music or sound played in its proximity,
no matter if it's live or recorded.
See how it works!

Music Moods

For every occasion

Dance Party



Ready for the
twinkly music experience?

Get yours now to get started.


*Works with Twinkly Generation II lights only