Twinkly Music.

Make your lights dance.

The magic word is

Our latest addition to the Twinkly product line, launching this Summer 2020.

It is a revolutionary technology ready to give color and shape to any sound.

Twinkly Music's cutting-edge algorithms decode any sound source in real time, whether it's classical Christmas songs or ultimate techno music, to identify relevant musical elements and make the effects come alive into a combined audio-visual experience.

in Action

How it works:

Twinkly Music is really easy to use and optimized to work with GEN II products.
It's as simple as 1-2-3. Just follow these quick steps and you are good to go!

Plug in Twinkly Music

Plug in the dongle close
to a sound source. USB is just for
powering the device.


Set it up on the Twinkly App. Make
sure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi
as your Twinkly lights.

Explore Twinkly Music

Choose a music driver from the
app. These are effects that dance to
the beat of your music.

Let the Beat go!

Twinkly Music features a super accurate BPM detector, ready to make your
lights dance in sync with music. Far more accurate, far more sensible: you can even clap
your hands and watch as Twinkly grooves along with you!

Music Drivers

Like Twinkly has effects, Twinkly Music has drivers. A driver includes an effect and a special algorithm to give a unique shape to the sound. Choose a driver that best suits your mood, your music, and your Twinkly lights!

Use it Anywhere


Ready to bring your light experience to a different level?