The power of creation in your hands with the fresh new app feature.

Twinkly App, free for iOS and Android

Led Light Strings for indoor and outdoor installation.

The All New Fx Wizard!

The fresh new feature developed to put the power of creation in your hands. Create highly advanced effects from scratch, with just a few taps. Want to fuse two effects together? Change the animation speed maybe? From multi-layered effects to a variety of patterns and blending options, YOU run the show.

*Feature releasing in November via app update

Full 3D Mapping

Life’s in 3D. So should be your creations. Our latest patent for advanced 3D reconstruction allows you to map your layout from multiple different angles till it reaches the point of perfection. And you get a perfect 3D layout as a result.

One App

ultimate control, neverending fun.

Twinkly app, free to download for iOS and Android. The most advanced technology for your Christmas decorations.

Instant Setup

Setup your Twinkly device in few seconds, with bluetooth connection (only Generation II)


Put effects in a loop; create Your lightshow.

Twinkly Online

Download always new effects and animations and play on your Twinkly devices

Multi-layered effects

Take your custom effects to another level with every layer

Master Control

All tricks to remote control Twinkly, in one slick panel

Enhanced Groups

Group creation and selection is much easier and powerful


Bringing the party to you!

Twinkly Music is a revolutionary technology ready to give color and shape to any sound.

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Fresh Product Categories

brighter, smarter, with more options, for indoor and outdoor solutions.


Our LED family

sharp lenses, crisp colors for super bright effect.

The evolution of the current addressable LED, both on color sources and lens.

New LED, applied

Gold Edition
Special Edition
Gold edition
Special Edition
Gold Edition
Special Edition

& elegant.

  • Dual Core

    New, powerful chipset with 4x performances.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

    Wi-Fi Alliance certified - 802.11 b/e/g/i/n

  • Sync with music

    Play effects to your favourite tunes

  • Bluetooth

    BLE connectivity for instant setup.

  • RGB LED Status Indicator

    Intuitive LED feedback for the best experience.

  • IP44 weatherproof

    Weatherproof dedicated for outdoor and indoor use.

Just ask

Now you can ask Google or Alexa to switch on/off Twinkly, set brightness or change colors.

  • Switch Twinkly on/off

    You can Switch Twinkly on/off just by asking Google Assistant or Alexa “Switch on Twinkly!”

  • Set brightness

    Adjust brightness by asking Google Assistant or Alexa to do it for you.

  • Change colors

    It’s possible to change colors at any moment by asking Google Assistant or Alexa.