works with Apple Homekit

Finally, Twinkly officially steps into the Homekit ecosystem.

This means that you can control your Twinkly lights along with all other smart appliances in your home. You can give commands via Siri, like "Turn Twinkly on/off", "Change Twinkly to red", "Increase brightness". You can control your decorations straight from the Apple Homekit app. You can even make Twinkly part of more complex "Scenes" in Apple Homekit.

Twinkly now works with Apple HomeKit

All Generation II Twinkly devices (including yours) now work with Apple HomeKit. Turn your lights on and off, change color, set brightness.
Download the new Twinkly app to get started!

Add devices to Homekit

For your existing Twinkly devices, you can follow these simple steps to find your Homekit setup code.

Device settings

Go to "Devices" screen from the bottom navigation. Then tap the gear icon of the device you want to add to homekit

tap homekit

Once in the device settings, tap the option "Homekit". Make sure your Firmware is the latest version (tap update if asked to).

save setup code

Here you will be shown the Apple Hmekit Setup Code. You can save it for future use. Share this only with family members.

What's more

You can create your own scenes. Like: turn Twinkly on in the evening, reduce brightness in the night, and turn it off in the morning.

Voice Control

And then there is the voice control. Like all your other big and small requests, you can control Twinkly as well via Siri.

Just ask Siri

Let homepod control Twinkly

Enjoy the results

Hey Siri!

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